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I have added HQ captures of Shane in the latest episode of Salem to the gallery. The promo for the next episode which airs this Wednesday is also below.

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This morning Shane was on HLNTV with Michaela Pereira. He chatted briefly about Salem, the approaching 15 year anniversary of A Walk to Remember and what advise he would give his 24 year old self.

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I have updated the gallery to now include Shane’s 2010 appearances. Make sure to check them out and if you post them/use for edits, a link back to the site is appreciated.

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I have added HD captures of Shane in the latest episode of Salem to the gallery.

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Thanks to I have added 10 MQ pictures of Shane taking part in the first ever Stem Cell City Race in Toronto last weekend. Shane’s team did a great job and won! So congratulations to them and everyone else who took part in raising money for such a wonderful cause.

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I have added HD captures of Wednesdays episode of Salem to the gallery, so make sure to check them out. And remember, there will not be a new episode next week, it will be the following week due to the US holidays.

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Shane will be taking part in the “Stem Cell City Race” this weekend in Ontario, Toronto. It is a charity event that brings together normal people and celebrities to team up and do challenges in aid of raising money to fund more research for the McEwen Centre for Regenerative Medicine. An amazing cause I think you will all agree!

An adventure race like no other is taking place in Toronto on November 18-19. Picture cocktails, celebrities, and team-based challenges so “off the hook” that your friends wouldn’t believe you — if you weren’t Instagramming it in their faces all weekend.

This urban race benefits a far more important medical race already being run by the McEwen Centre for Regenerative Medicine and a squad of unsung heroes known as stem cells.

Best of luck to everyone participating in the fund-raising and of course to Shane’s team (whoever the lucky people who get him are!)

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One of the most enduring icons of millenial youth is the Tiger Beat poster—sleepover decor wasn’t complete without a dozen or so of them plastered to the host’s bedroom wall. One of the faces most often depicted on those posters was that of Shane West, who stole many a pre-teen heart as Landon Carter in A Walk to Remember opposite Mandy Moore. Fifteen years later, West’s name still invokes sepia-toned memories of a pre-The Notebook childhood crush. But the 38-year-old actor would be unrecognizable in the early-aughts North Carolina of Nicholas Sparks’s imagination. Today, he can be found defending colonial America from supernatural predators as Captain John Alden on Salem, WGN’s blood-soaked reimagining of the witch trials as a front for cavorting with the devil and other occult practices. West, an admitted horror fiend, remembers receiving the script three years ago: “Nothing like it was on TV; nothing like it had been written this way,” he says. “It’s fun to be able to introduce characters that were real human beings from that time period and put our twist on it.” Below, West discusses the parallels between the witch trials and today’s society, revisiting A Walk to Remember and the under-the-radar role that turned his career into a globe-hopping music gig:

 Harper’s Bazaar: Tell me about working on Salem—what drew you to the show? Did you have an interest in the time period before?

Shane West: What really drew me to the show was the theme, or genre, and how well this particular show was written. I was just finishing up Nikita; we knew we were on our final season and we were all looking for new jobs, and Salem dropped into my lap. I’m a big horror fan—thrillers, scary movies, scary TV shows—and this was the first opportunity that had fallen into my lap that had given me that chance. For me it was pretty much a no-brainer.

I was not a big fan of that time period, I knew a little bit about that Salem Witch trials from high school, but I really liked the idea of basing it on fact and turning it into historical fiction but switching the end game: “What if the witches were real? What if they actually were running the witch trials and condemning innocent people to death?” I thought that was a very unique twist on our American history. Any time you can make historical fiction, it can be a little more fun because you can play with things and change things and get away with it. Even some of the smallest characters that have come and gone in three seasons—sometimes a co-star or a guest star—a lot of those characters were based off real people from the time.

Read the rest of the interview here.

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I have added HQ captures of Shane in the latest episode of Salem to the gallery. Make sure to check them out and watch the promo for next week’s episode below.

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I hope you all enjoyed the Salem season 3 premiere as much as I did and thought Shane was amazing – who else can’t wait to see what is in store for John this season?! I have added HQ screencaps of the episode to the gallery and make sure to watch the new season promo below.  As always, beware of spoilers for those who haven’t watched yet.

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