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Welcome to Shane West Daily, your high quality source for American actor Shane West. Best known for his roles as Landon Carter ("A Walk to Remember"), Ray Barnett ("ER"), Michael Bishop("Nikita") and most recently as John Alden in WGN America's 'Salem'. You can soon see Shane in his upcoming feature's "Here Alone" & "Awakening the Zodiac" due for release in 2017. Thanks for stopping by and please visit us again soon xx
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Exciting news everyone – a trailer for Awakening the Zodiac is finally here! The trailer was posted on iTunes but as I know some people might have difficulties in watching that, I have uploaded it to the sites youtube account and you can check it out below.  The film looks like it is going to be intense and Shane is fantastic as always as Mick Branson – something that is clear from such a short trailer so I am very, very excited to see the film. I have also added caps to the gallery which are also linked below.

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With the US limited theatrical and VOD release coming this Friday, 31st March, have released an exclusive clips featuring Shane and Lucy Walters who plays Ann, Jason’s wife. There is also a new high quality production still added to the gallery.


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Vertical Entertainment have released a full length trailer for Here Alone with some new clips of Shane as Jason. Check it out below and you can also find some caps in our gallery.


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Today marks the 15th Anniversary of what is not only one of Shane’s most notable and well known roles, but also a timeless love story, A Walk to Remember and the internet is abuzz with nostalgic feelings for the film and the two leading stars! To celebrate, both Entertainment Tonight and Entertainment Weekly both posted videos which you can check out below, with some clips of Shane and Mandy discusses what it was like having to kiss each other back in 2002 when promoting the movie. But make sure to read the interview they did with EW recently, as great read for any fan as they play games guessing what line comes next and discuss what it was like working with one another.

🔗 ET: EXCLUSIVE: ‘A Walk to Remember’ Turns 15! Take a Trip Down Memory Lane With Mandy Moore and Shane West
🔗 EW: Mandy Moore and Shane West look back on A Walk to Remember 15 years later

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This morning Shane was on HLNTV with Michaela Pereira. He chatted briefly about Salem, the approaching 15 year anniversary of A Walk to Remember and what advise he would give his 24 year old self.

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I have added HQ captures of Shane in the latest episode of Salem to the gallery. Make sure to check them out and watch the promo for next week’s episode below.

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I hope you all enjoyed the Salem season 3 premiere as much as I did and thought Shane was amazing – who else can’t wait to see what is in store for John this season?! I have added HQ screencaps of the episode to the gallery and make sure to watch the new season promo below.  As always, beware of spoilers for those who haven’t watched yet.

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This morning Shane appeared on “Hollywood Today Live” to promote the season 3 premiere of Salem which airs tonight on WGN America. When there is chatted about the roles he is most noticed for by fans, how he got his first break into acting and what it’s like having Marilyn Manson in the world of Salem. Check out the clips below as well as some HQ pics of Shane.


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Earlier today Shane appeared on KTLA to discuss season 3 of Salem which premiere’s this Wednesday on WGN America. Watch his segment below.

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Last night Shane attended the Maxim Halloween Party in Los Angeles and I have added 30 high quality pictures to the gallery, with some kind donations from my lovely friend Jenna.  Didn’t Shane look amazing with his face painted? Loved the look! Make sure to check them out and if you use them for edits etc a link back to the site would be appreciated.

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