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Yesterday evening Shane was a guest on his friend Jacob Hester’s radio show, Hangin’ With Hester for a small segment where they discussed football, what it was like working with film legends and what Shane is looking for in future television projects. I have uploaded just Shane’s section below for you to listen to, and it’s a great listen even if like myself you know nothing about football!

In hour two of Hangin’ with Hester, Jacob and Hunt discuss Larry Fitzgerald coming back. What drives players to keep coming back? Championships? Records and stats? The 4th and 1 segment comes a bit early when actor, Shane West joins the show. The guys discuss MLB free agency. And to wrap things up, LSU baseball legend, Warren Morris joins the show!

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You can now find HQ Digital scans of Shane’s feature in the August 2017 David Magazine in the gallery. Unfortunately, the magazine is only available to buy a physical copy if you live in either Slovenia or Croatia so I was unable to get a copy and make scans myself, but hopefully for other fans who wouldn’t be able to see it any other way will enjoy these scans – and if you can buy it make sure to grab your copy now!

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I also have taken quite a few hours today to translate (poorly) Shane’s small interview for the magazine. Some great questions where asked and it’s lovely to know Shane took time to have a little break – but we can’t wait to see him back on the big (and small!) screen again. If you notice any errors in my translations or you can provide one as a native speaker, please get in contact via the form or our email address.


Yesterday Shane was in New York to promote his film, Awakening the Zodiac, which will be released on June 9th 2017. He stopped by The TODAY Show and New York Live Today where he chatted briefly about what attracted him to the role, his thoughts on Salem season 4 and possibly working with Mandy Moore again.  Check out the videos below – 2 pictures of Shane on The TODAY Show have also been added to the gallery.

EDIT: Thanks to FarFarAwaySite I have updated the pictures so they are now full HQ. Enjoy!

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Shane is featured in this month’s Esquire Mexico “Man of Style” feature and I have added High Quality scans of the digital download of the magazine.

I have also added 1 HQ and 1 MQ portrait from Shane’s feature. Please enjoy and if you post them anywhere a link back to the site is always appreciated.


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Today marks the 15th Anniversary of what is not only one of Shane’s most notable and well known roles, but also a timeless love story, A Walk to Remember and the internet is abuzz with nostalgic feelings for the film and the two leading stars! To celebrate, both Entertainment Tonight and Entertainment Weekly both posted videos which you can check out below, with some clips of Shane and Mandy discusses what it was like having to kiss each other back in 2002 when promoting the movie. But make sure to read the interview they did with EW recently, as great read for any fan as they play games guessing what line comes next and discuss what it was like working with one another.

? ET: EXCLUSIVE: ‘A Walk to Remember’ Turns 15! Take a Trip Down Memory Lane With Mandy Moore and Shane West
? EW: Mandy Moore and Shane West look back on A Walk to Remember 15 years later

samantha | November 15, 2016 | / article interview

One of the most enduring icons of millenial youth is the Tiger Beat poster—sleepover decor wasn’t complete without a dozen or so of them plastered to the host’s bedroom wall. One of the faces most often depicted on those posters was that of Shane West, who stole many a pre-teen heart as Landon Carter in A Walk to Remember opposite Mandy Moore. Fifteen years later, West’s name still invokes sepia-toned memories of a pre-The Notebook childhood crush. But the 38-year-old actor would be unrecognizable in the early-aughts North Carolina of Nicholas Sparks’s imagination. Today, he can be found defending colonial America from supernatural predators as Captain John Alden on Salem, WGN’s blood-soaked reimagining of the witch trials as a front for cavorting with the devil and other occult practices. West, an admitted horror fiend, remembers receiving the script three years ago: “Nothing like it was on TV; nothing like it had been written this way,” he says. “It’s fun to be able to introduce characters that were real human beings from that time period and put our twist on it.” Below, West discusses the parallels between the witch trials and today’s society, revisiting A Walk to Remember and the under-the-radar role that turned his career into a globe-hopping music gig:

 Harper’s Bazaar: Tell me about working on Salem—what drew you to the show? Did you have an interest in the time period before?

Shane West: What really drew me to the show was the theme, or genre, and how well this particular show was written. I was just finishing up Nikita; we knew we were on our final season and we were all looking for new jobs, and Salem dropped into my lap. I’m a big horror fan—thrillers, scary movies, scary TV shows—and this was the first opportunity that had fallen into my lap that had given me that chance. For me it was pretty much a no-brainer.

I was not a big fan of that time period, I knew a little bit about that Salem Witch trials from high school, but I really liked the idea of basing it on fact and turning it into historical fiction but switching the end game: “What if the witches were real? What if they actually were running the witch trials and condemning innocent people to death?” I thought that was a very unique twist on our American history. Any time you can make historical fiction, it can be a little more fun because you can play with things and change things and get away with it. Even some of the smallest characters that have come and gone in three seasons—sometimes a co-star or a guest star—a lot of those characters were based off real people from the time.

Read the rest of the interview here.

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This morning Shane appeared on “Hollywood Today Live” to promote the season 3 premiere of Salem which airs tonight on WGN America. When there is chatted about the roles he is most noticed for by fans, how he got his first break into acting and what it’s like having Marilyn Manson in the world of Salem. Check out the clips below as well as some HQ pics of Shane.


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What is a better way to start a Monday than with a gorgeous new Shane shoot and fantastic interview?! The shoot Shane did for VULKAN Magazine at the end of August has just been released and along with some breathtakingly beautiful pictures there is an amazing interview where Shane discusses life in the limelight, his least favourite role and his plans for the future as well as what he is working on now.  Make sure to check out the pictures in our gallery and read the interview below.

Actor/musician Shane West has a come a long way since his teen-movie-heart- throb days! He’s starred in countless TV shows and movies-think “ER,” “The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen,” and “Nikita”- toured with punk rock legends, The Germs, and plays John Alden on WGN’s witch trial thriller, “Salem,” returning for a third season this November. Shane gets personal with Vulkan’s Editor, Rebecca Besnos, and opens up about his most embarrassing role, his attraction to music and acting, the challenges of living a life in the spotlight, and much, much, more!

From a young age, you thought music would be your life, and not acting. How and when did that change?

My whole family is musicians, so we were always musically inclined. It was a little bit of a no-brainer for my sister and I. In high school, we started learning how to play instruments…writing songs, doing the things we enjoyed and thought we would actually do for a living. I had always been a huge movie buff, but I never really thought that that was the life for me. At the time, my mom had moved us to LA, and I was seeing teenagers pop up in commercials, and little TV guest spots, and it was an eye-opening moment for me. It made me wonder if I could do that, and make it my own. That’s how I got into it, and it took a really long time for me to find work, and become even somewhat successful and make it a real career. It quickly became a passion of mine.

Read the full interview at VULKANMAGAZINE.COM

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Yesterday Shane attended San Diego Comic Con to promote the upcoming third season of Salem and thanks so much to Far, Far Away Site, Jenna and Ali for their kind donations.






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You can now find an additional 4 HQ pictures of Shane for his shoot with The Rogue Magazine in our gallery – stunning as always!  You can read Shane’s full interview online at the site here.

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