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You can now find HQ Digital scans of Shane’s feature in the August 2017 David Magazine in the gallery. Unfortunately, the magazine is only available to buy a physical copy if you live in either Slovenia or Croatia so I was unable to get a copy and make scans myself, but hopefully for other fans who wouldn’t be able to see it any other way will enjoy these scans – and if you can buy it make sure to grab your copy now!

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I also have taken quite a few hours today to translate (poorly) Shane’s small interview for the magazine. Some great questions where asked and it’s lovely to know Shane took time to have a little break – but we can’t wait to see him back on the big (and small!) screen again. If you notice any errors in my translations or you can provide one as a native speaker, please get in contact via the form or our email address.


DAVID MAG: Your career as a film actor and the hero of television series began very early on, when you were 15 years old. How did you do the first step in this great film industry? Who encouraged this?
SHANE WEST: My mom always encouraged me the most and provided support on this thing. After I finished elementary school and graduated from high-school she noticed that life and acting in general I was very interested in. She brought me to a lot of auditions. She bought me a beeper and a cell phone in order to be in touch.  My first and second manager were also allowing me to stay with them, and that way I could save money and be truly focused on audition tape and conversations that are at very fussy. I can say it’s been excellent, demanding and difficult with a lot of hard work, but obviously I had angels who were watching over me guiding me on my way.


DM: It seems today, most guys thinks it’s enough just to have a nice chiselled features, prominent muscles, look gorgeous, and you can act in a film. Is it really? As you prepare for anything emotionally demanding moments in the movies, and the really special scenes which are the most demanding of an actor?
SW: Interesting, the older I am I get healthier. Especially when we get to the subject of exercising and training. A proper diet is very important, but I truly believe that this is the most important one, good training fitness, at least in my case. Of course, it all depends on what kind of role playing and the kind of character I prepare. But I can tell you that it’s a lot of training and a good night’s sleep my big key for success and the real feeling. Nothing just comes.
DM: I read that you’re playing, and in the music group, Twilight creeps? How did the ideas that lead to the band? And where can we hear it?
SW: Our band was named after the song Twilight Creeps by the band Crooked Fingers. The group consists of old friends and some members of which seem to have great passion and love terrifying horror stories. We’ve decided to write and create a couple songs are more poppy. You can hear us on the sites iTunes and Spotify,  follow on our Twitter or Facebook profiles, labelled “twilightcreeps”


DM: What attracts you in today’s television or the movies?
SW: I am a huge fan of film and television. I love virtually every genre, from the thriller, drama and my greatest passion seems good comedies. My favorite movies are True Romance and A Place in the Sun. Right now I’m loving the series Black Mirror, Fargo, Bloodline, and House of Cards.

DM: You acted in the video for the song by Mandy Moore, Cry. How you today, when you look at the video? Are you a romantic person? A romantic hero?
SHANE: Ha-ha, I haven’t looked at the video for more than 15 years since it came out. It was fun. Great song. And Mandy’s phenomenal. Beautiful. I will always be a little bit hopeless romantic but aren’t we all?

DM: Salem latest series in which you acted. What is most difficult when every day on the part of the show?
SW: The hardest part of a series of Salem were working conditions, hours of recording, the heat and the cold, there’s a lot of reasons for that. Otherwise, it’s just till today, my favourite show in which I acted. But the conditions are there for many hours of work were pretty brutal. Luckily, I’ve been working with an excellent production team and we recorded material I am very proud of and I’m a big fan of the whole crew.

DM: You seem to have an excellent fashion, and in my spare time. Who’s gonna help you do that? Where do you prefer to buy?
SW: For a fantastic sense of style, as you say, thank my PR and stylists, ha-ha. They choose and combine them all. I’m usually more manly, dressed in a shirt, jeans, and boots. Don’t get me wrong, I love the way you like how I dress for myself, but I wouldn’t say it was a particularly elegant style.
DM: How will you spend the summer? A trip to the seaside or you got some other plans you’d like to share with our readers?
SW: I love to travel. This year, I have set aside a few months of free time  I really enjoyed and relaxed… I passed through the south all the way to Dallas and Austin. I flew to Atlanta, New Orleans and Toronto and hope to at the end of the summer I’d go to Cuba!


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