Happy 42nd Birthday Shane!

[ Written on June 10 2020 by samantha ]

Wishing a very happy 42nd Birthday to Shane today! We hope you have an amazing year filled with happiness and success đź’•

As a special birthday present to Shane fans, we have also released some previously unseen Nikita season 1 promotional shoot outtakes. These have never been posted/shared anywhere before! There are 5 HQ and 5 LQ photos in the gallery. I would ask that you please do not repost/reupload these images or remove the watermark and if you make edits a credit back to the site would be greatly appreciated!

Gallery Update: Liberty Heights

[ Written on May 07 2020 by samantha ]

I am slowly (do I work any other way?) adding screencaptures/stills and more of Shane’s films, television shows and more to the gallery and you can now find Liberty Heights (1999) in the gallery, where Shane played Teddy. It is a great film with an amazing cast which also includes Adrien Brody, Ben Foster, Misha Collins and Justin Chambers among others. Enjoy and also make sure to follow our sites twitter, @shanewestcom for all the latest news and info on Shane. And don’t forget to bookmark the site too!

Gallery Update: Television Guest Appearance Captures

[ Written on April 29 2020 by samantha ]

You can now find captures of Shane in various guest roles in the gallery. These include roles from the late 90s in which he had small guest spots in popular television series such as ‘Boy Meets World’, ‘Mr Rhodes’, ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’ and ‘Sliders’. I hope that you’ll enjoy them and some I purchased from iTunes just to get them in better quality so please do have a look. Also make sure to follow our sites twitter, @shanewestcom for all the latest news and info on Shane. And don’t forget to bookmark the site too!

Gallery Update: 2019 Screencaptures Added

[ Written on April 03 2020 by samantha ]

First of all I want to say that I hope that everyone is keeping well during this very surreal time we are all going through. I have been using the time to keep myself busy, but also to work on getting this gallery up to date. So I have now added the remaining screencaptures for interviews Shane did last year while promoting Gotham; and you can find them in the gallery now. Also make sure to follow our sites twitter, @shanewestcom for all the latest news and info on Shane. And don’t forget to bookmark the site too!

Photos: Opening Night Of “Is That All There Is?” Art Show

[ Written on March 15 2020 by samantha ]

Last night (Friday 13th March) Shane attended the opening night of his friend, Matt Skiba, art exhibit in Los Angeles. I have added 4 HQ pictures to the gallery, so head over and check them out. Also make sure to follow our sites twitter, @shanewestcom for all the latest news and info on Shane. And don’t forget to bookmark the site too!

Casting: Mid-Century (Film)

[ Written on February 07 2020 by samantha ]

I had debated about if I should post this or not, but I figured why not – so here it is! I (somehow) stumbled across director/actress Sonja O’Hara’s website and it seems that Shane has an upcoming film that is scheduled to shoot this April! Below is the update posted on Sonja’s site on January 20, 2020

Sonja is delighted to share that she’s currently in pre-production for the next feature she’ll be directing. “Mid-Century” is a social commentary horror film (think “Get Out” for the #MeToo movement!) that will star Golden Globe nominee Sara Haye (“Flesh & Bone”), and Shane West. She’ll also play a supporting character in the haunting script written by Mike Stern. (Casting by Clark + Geier Casting, CSA.) 

sonja o’hara, official website | www.sonjaohara.com

Obviously, this isn’t ‘official’ yet and casting can sometimes change, but let’s cross our fingers it is true and everything works out because the synopsis sounds so interesting! IMDB has the shooting of the film to begin this April.

A husband and wife’s weekend in a mid-century modern vacation rental turns deadly when the husband discovers the owner is a psychopath with a backyard of buried secrets and designs on his wife.


This is certainly something that has made my weekend, and with 2 projects of Shane’s still to be released I am very excited at the thought we are this early into 2020 and already have another to look forward to!

Photos: On the Record and Speakeasy 1 Year Celebration Event

[ Written on January 19 2020 by samantha ]

Last night Shane attend his first event of 2020 (hopefully the first of many) and although we only got 2 photos, they are adorable and it’s always nice to see Shane’s handsome face <3 I have added them to the gallery and will update if any more get released. A late Happy New Year to you all, I promise lots of exciting new things coming to the site this year, and please make sure to follow our sites twitter, @shanewestcom for all the latest news and info on Shane. And don’t forget to bookmark the site too!

Casting: No Running (Film)

[ Written on November 14 2019 by samantha ]

As many fans will know, last month Shane was working on a project in Los Angeles and now we finally have some information! It will be a sci-fi thriller set in a small town in the United States. As we already know from on set pictures shared on social media, Shane will be playing a sheriff, and reading the synopsis shared by Variety below, it sounds like that is quite an integral part of the story so that should be exciting!

Taryn Manning, Shane West, Hart Denton, Skylan Brooks, and Rutina Wesley have been cast in the upcoming sci-fi thriller “No Running,” Variety has learned exclusively.

“No Running” is Delmar Washington’s feature directorial debut. Tucker Morgan wrote the script, about a young black teen who recently relocated to a small town and is wrongfully blamed for the mysterious disappearance of his biracial girlfriend. With only 48 hours to prove his innocence, he must flee the law as he uncovers supernatural abductions that have plagued the community for decades.

Maurice Fadida is producing alongside Eric B. Fleischman of Defiant Studios. Jan MaCadoo, Mickey Gooch, Jr. and Diane Gooch of Kodiak will serve as executive producers. The film has started production in Los Angeles.

Source – Variety.com

Although the article states that production has began in Los Angeles, anyone following along Shane’s Instagram or our social media will know that the film wrapped initial principal photography last month and is currently in post-production. You can check out some behind the scenes photos that were shared on social media both by Shane and some other members of the cast/crew in the gallery, linked below. I’m sure I am not the only one who is loving the grey in Shane’s hair! #silverfox

Gallery Update: Nikita Season One

[ Written on October 22 2019 by samantha ]

I am happy to announce that you can now find captures, stills, promotional photos and more of Shane as Michael in the first season of Nikita in the gallery. I made captures from my own Blu-Rays and this also includes of the deleted scenes and other special features that were included. I hope that you will enjoy looking through them andalso make sure to follow our sites twitter, @shanewestcom for all the latest news and info on Shane. And don’t forget to bookmark the site too!

Shane West Network – 1 Year Anniversary since Relaunch!

[ Written on October 13 2019 by samantha ]

It doesn’t seem it, but another year has passed since the relaunch of Shane West Network.  In that time Shane was cast in Gossamer Folds which should hopefully have a trailer before the end of this year,  we also got to see Shane as Eduardo/Bane at the start of the year when his amazing episodes of Gotham aired, and that also included some amazing press interviews.  Shane attended events including the Walk of Fame ceremony for Mandy Moore and gave the most beautiful speech which had all of our hearts bursting over these two BFFs.  Along with a few epic shows with his band Twilight Creeps Shane is also currently filming a new project, although currently we don’t have any information on that yet but I am so excited to know we will have Shane back on our screens once again!

In celebration of the anniversary I have gotten a brand new layout for the site from my talented friend Jasper and I am sure you will all agree that it looks fantastic!  I love the dark colours with the pops of colour throughout and I think that Jasper did such an amazing job.  Thank you again!

As well as this, I have also added an additional 9 HQ photos to the 2013 SDCC photoshoot Shane did with the cast of Nikita to the gallery.

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