Shane West Network Relaunch!

[ Written on October 13 2018 by samantha ]

We’re back!  After many months of an unexpected hiatus, we are back with a new name, new look and new content!  As a fan of Shane for 14 years now, I would rather have the site back open now and have more stuff to add as I go and share the updates with you than leave it offline any longer and deprive both old and new Shane fans of somewhere to go to enjoy looking at photos, news and more.  We are now called SHANE WEST NETWORK; and can also be found via www.shane-west.net as well as our main domain, www.shane-west.com.  All of Shane’s appearances, photoshoots and magazine/editorial scans can now be found in the gallery, including some missing shoots that were not originally in the gallery (happy hunting for those *wink wink*) The new look is designed by myself and I decided that a layout celebrating Shane’s photoshoots over the years would be a nice one to look at and I hope that you all like it as much as I enjoyed working on it for you.

I am going to constantly work on getting more and more content added to the gallery, on hopefully a more regular basis, so please make sure to bookmark the site and also follow our social media; linked in the sidebar; to stay up to date with all the latest additions.  With the recent exciting news of Shane’s casting in the final season of Gotham we can only guess what great stuff lies ahead for 2019 and I for one am excited to see. Our new gallery can now be found at www.shane-west.com/pictures

If you have any questions/problems please don’t hesitate to message me and have a wonderful weekend!

News: Shane confirmed as ‘Bane’ for Gotham Season 5

[ Written on October 08 2018 by samantha ]

After much speculation and teasing since the initial casting news of Shane as Edurado Durrance in the final season of Gotham, it was finally confirmed at New York Comic Con on Sunday, October 7, that Shane will indeed be playing one of the most infamous Batman villains, Bane!

It’s official, Shane West will be playing Bane in the final season of Gotham. The cast and producers announced the news during the show’s New York Comic Con panel on Sunday morning.

Showrunner John Stephens confirmed the news saying, “When you’re doing the seasons and you have this rogue’s gallery you do want to parcel it out over the years.” While it seems they’ve saved the best for last, Stephens has been asking to use Bane since Season 1, but didn’t get a yes until FOX realized the fifth season would also be the final one. He also mentioned that while Bane and Jim Gordon (Ben McKenzie) have a similar relationship as they do in the comics, their backstories are tied together in a completely different way. Sean Pertwee jumped in to tease a fight between Bane and Alfred that will apparently end in a broken back for the erstwhile butler. – TVGuide.com

Showrunner John Stephens had nothing but praise for Shane’s portrayal of Eduardo/Bane at the panel, not something which is a surprise to fans of Shane who know he can sink his teeth into any character he is given.  But this certainly makes the wait to see Eduardo Dorrance on screen that much harder!

“You do try to want to parcel some of it out over the various years,” Stephens said. “We’d always wanted to do it and we’d always wanted to do in a way that hasn’t been told on screen. When Shane [West] comes into play him, there’s a level of authenticity,” he explained, adding that West’s performance will lead audiences to really believe he could become a “‘roided out” rage villain. “He’s awesome, and Alfred has a nice showdown with him.”

“Just between us, we have an altercation and Cat’s involved… but I get my back broken,” Pertwee revealed.

Bane famously broke Batman’s back in 1993’s Batman #497. Pertwee here is teasing that Alfred will instead be hurt by the masked villain.

West was cast as Dorrance earlier this summer as an old army associate of Jim Gordon who’ll be coming to Gotham to establish order once more after the Season 4 finale ended with the “No Man’s Land” storyline unfolding. Episode 8 of the shortened 10-episode season will be titled “I Am Bane” and presumably focus on the character. – CBR.com

Photos: Shane at New York Islanders v New York Rangers NHL Ice Hockey Match, New York

[ Written on October 08 2018 by samantha ]

Last night (Wednesday, September 26) Shane attended the New York Islanders v New York Rangers NHL Ice Hockey Match which was playing in New York. As most of you will know by now Shane is currently in New York shooting the final season of Gotham where is is playing a key role! You can check out 2 HQ pictures of Shane in our gallery now. Make sure to follow our sites twitter, @shanewestcom for all the latest news and info on Shane. And don’t forget to bookmark the site too!

Casting: Shane cast in Gotham’s final season

[ Written on October 08 2018 by samantha ]

Exciting news everyone! Shane has been cast in a key role for the final season of FOXs hit show, ‘Gotham‘!  He is going to be changing pace from the ass kicking good guy and this time his character is the one causing trouble.  He is said to be playing a ‘villainous recurring role’ and I for one can’t wait to see!  Check out details from the press releases below:

EXCLUSIVE: Is Gotham calling on one of Batman’s biggest foes for its swan song? Nikita alum Shane West has been tapped for a villainous recurring role on the upcoming fifth and final season of the Batman prequel drama series on Fox.

He will play Eduardo Dorrance, an old Army buddy of Jim Gordon’s (Ben McKenzie). Having lost touch with Jim after the war, Dorrance returns to Gotham years later, leading a team of elite soldiers with the goal of helping Gordon restore order to No Man’s Land. But as the scales fall from Gordon’s eyes, he realizes Dorrance’s true intentions in Gotham are much darker and more evil than he could have believed.

There is no further information, but Eduardo Dorrance is believed to be related to a well-known villain in the Batman comic universe, Sir Edmund Dorrance, aka King Snake, who is the father of another big bad: Bane. It is conceivable that Eduardo could be Bane himself. It would make sense for Gotham to go out with a bang, bringing in iconic character(s) from the comic book franchise for its last season.

This marks West’s return to Gotham producer Warner Bros. TV, where he previously starred on Nikita and co-starred on ER. He most recently starred in WGN America‘s drama series Salem. The actor, whose feature credits include The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen and A Walk to Remember, is repped by Paradigm and Management 360. – Deadline.com

Gallery Update: Salem Season 1 Captures, Stills and More Added

[ Written on October 04 2018 by samantha ]

As I work to get the gallery up to date with all of Shane’s projects, both television and film productions, I have added production stills, captures and promotional shoots for Shane as John Alden in the first season of Salem.  All the captures are in 1080p HD – perfect for viewing and also for making edits, so if you use them make sure to link us to we can see!  Make sure to head over to our gallery to check them out and follow our sites twitter, @shanewestcom to stay up to date with all the latest news and info on Shane.

Gallery Update: 1997 – 2018 Appearances Added

[ Written on October 03 2018 by samantha ]

The gallery has now been updated with 5,700+ HQ pictures of Shane attending various press events, appearances, premieres and more over the years.  Make sure to head over to our gallery to check them out and follow our sites twitter, @shanewestcom to stay up to date with all the latest news and info on Shane.


Gallery Update: 1999 – 2018 Photo Sessions Added

[ Written on October 01 2018 by samantha ]

You can now find 481 of Shane’s photo sessions for the years 1999 – 2018 in the gallery, including many in high quality! Some of these were very expensive and hard to come by, hence the watermark but I hope that you can still appreciate and enjoy them!  If you see any missing or have photoshoots in a higher quality than in the gallery, please message me on the sites email or twitter if you would like to donate them. Make sure to head over to our gallery to check them out and follow our sites twitter, @shanewestcom to stay up to date with all the latest news and info on Shane.

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